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The pressures on Financial Services to transform are relentless and accelerating. NextWave was founded to help Financial Service organisations take advantage of the ‘new stack’ of technology-led solutions. NextWave combines deep industry experience, new talent and best in class FinTech platforms to deliver outstanding business results at a faster pace. Bridging the relationships between Financial Services and technology, between industry experience and new talent. NextWave is a FinTech Consultancy.
David Aston
David Aston
CEO NextWave, Europe
"We are delighted to be working with Synthesized, a solution that we see as a real game-changer. Synthesized enables us to provide our clients with a new and secure way of using data when innovating. Access to safe production equivalent data for testing and analytics is a major barrier to software development and data innovation, which Synthesized can resolve in minutes. The platform creates safe, Data Privacy Regulation proof, synthetic datasets that mirror production, providing CTO, CIO’s and CDO’s with a solution that allows teams to fast track development in a secure and compliant manner and to quickly seize the business opportunity new solutions and technology can offer clients."
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