Create production-like snapshots of PostgreSQL for development and testing

Leveraging PostgreSQL's robust features, Synthesized enhances data agility, ensuring data privacy compliance, and enabling prompt based generation of production-like data for testing and development.
Why synthesized for postgresql

Build bulletproof PostgreSQL-based applications

Rapid development and testing

Synthesized ensures rapid detection, root cause analysis, and resolution of data quality issues, enabling quick mitigation before impacting your operations. Feel confident in your application by finding the root cause before anyone else.

Automated full data coverage

Cover a wide range of common data quality issues with our automated data generation scenarios.

Find “unknown unknowns”

Manual data generation rules and thresholds can only go so far. AI-based data generation finds the issues you didn’t plan for in advance.

Maintain regulatory compliance standards

When you are working with financial data or other sensitive information, it’s essential to ensure test data is fit for purpose. Synthesized brings you peace of mind by generating production-like data, and keeping original data secure.

Generation based on a database schema

Synthesized AI:
  • Rapidly populates empty database schemas with realistic data structures and values, mimicking production-like environments.
  • Intelligently infers relationships and data distributions to generate meaningful synthetic data tailored to your specific schema.
With Synthesized, you can kickstart your development process instantly, without the need for manually crafting or importing initial datasets.

Generation based on a sample of existing data

Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Synthesized analyzes your existing data to understand its structure, patterns, and relationships. It then synthesizes new data instances that preserve the statistical characteristics of the original dataset, ensuring data fidelity and utility.

By generating production-like data from existing sources, Synthesized enables you to maintain data privacy and security while harnessing the power of realistic data for development and testing.

Masking of existing data

Codifying data compliance requirements into concrete data transformations, Synthesized employs sophisticated data masking techniques to obfuscate sensitive information within your existing datasets. Through extensible masking rules, it ensures that personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data elements are replaced with realistic yet anonymized values.

With Synthesized masking capabilities, configure data masking parameters within the platform to meet your organization’s needs and enable data compliance requirements verification and validation.

Subsetting of an existing database

Synthesized offers precise subsetting functionalities to extract subsets of data from your existing datasets based on specific criteria or conditions. Whether you need to create smaller representative samples for testing or isolate subsets for targeted analysis, Synthesized enables effortless data extraction.

By generating tailored subsets, Synthesized optimizes the efficiency of your development and testing processes, allowing for focused exploration and validation of data-driven applications.
Quick access to data snapshots

Synthesized for PostgreSQL offers multiple avenues to leverage its capabilities, providing application development teams with flexibility to choose the approach that aligns with their specific requirements.

Local development

Programmatically create diverse data snapshots that cover a wide range of scenarios, including edge cases and rare events. This diversity helps improve the robustness and generalization of applications. With Synthesized, developers can iterate rapidly on their code, thanks to its ability to generate fresh data on-demand, thus enabling quick validation of changes and reducing development cycle times.

Application prototyping

Ensure prototypes closely mimic real-world scenarios, enhancing stakeholder understanding and buy-in during the prototyping phase. By accelerating the prototyping process, Synthesized helps application development teams reduce time to market, enabling faster development cycles. Synthesized supports agile development by providing developers with the flexibility to iterate on prototypes based on real data feedback, ultimately leading to more refined final products.

End to end testing

Synthesized facilitates E2E testing by populating test environments with diverse and realistic data, ensuring comprehensive coverage of application functionalities. Synthesized scales effortlessly to generate large volumes of test data, supporting rigorous testing scenarios without compromising performance. It reduces the time and effort required for E2E testing, allowing dev teams to conduct tests more frequently and efficiently.


Enable debugging of production scenarios in controlled environments, aiding in the identification and resolution of issues. Developers can use Synthesized to isolate specific data snapshots for debugging purposes, streamlining the troubleshooting process. 

Synthesized automated test data provisioning

Generate your PostgreSQL database today

Synthesized is now fully available in the Cloud to simply manage your test data provisioning across your organization.