Create high-quality data for application teams

Use Synthesized Test Data Kit (TDK) to create right-sized test databases you need — in minutes.
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To install the TDK package in a local environment
Designed to support any relational database incl. PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL and MSSQL
For data masking and subsetting of 1GB of data
Automated data compliance framework
TDK on Cloud
Get up and running in minutes with Synthesized TDK fully managed on available marketplaces.
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Synthesized TDK
Download the free Synthesized TDK binary and run locally within your environments.
tdk -c config.yaml
Synthesized TDK

Databases for application development and testing

CI/CD database automation

Reusable YAML configurations to create realistic production-like databases easily integrated into CI/CD pipelines.

Right-sized database creation

Automatically meet data quality requirements with data generation, subsetting, and masking for complex databases while preserving referential integrity and database logic.

Guaranteed compliance

"Data as Code" approach enables you to codify complex compliance requirements into concrete data transformations.

Optimised test data coverage

Synthesized helps to measure test data coverage of your test cases via static SQL analysis and enables to generate optimised test data with 100% coverage.

Data quality automation

Automate high-quality data creation using machine learning and common workflows.

Database generation

Database generation preserving distributions in a table and cross tables. Preserve primary and foreign key relationships and configure non-explicit relationships. Preserve logical relationships across tables including constraints, procedures, views, sequences and more.

Database subsetting

Configure parameters on a database level such as the size ratio of the synthesized database. Mimic business rules and logic for specific generated tables or columns. Synthesize data for only selected columns in a table and use existing data for other columns.

Data compliance automation

Codifying data compliance requirements into concrete data transformations.
Data compliance requirements & verification
Data masking
Data anonymization
Synthetic data generation

CI/CD database automation

Purpose-built for CI/CD - no custom UI or webhooks
Integrate config files for data transformations as easy as writing YAML
Reusable workflows
JAVA -JAR package is platform agnostic.
First-party support for integrations with GCP, AWS, Azure, and more.

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Eliminate data debt with version control, testing, logging, and alerting.


Manage risk with SOC-2 compliance, CI/CD deployment, RBAC, and ELT architecture. Check out our Security page for more information.
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“Data as Code” approach makes it easy for anyone to be a data engineer.
Synthesized TDK
Download the free Synthesized TDK binary and run locally within your environments.
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