5th april 2021

ADGM Inaugural Digital Lab Demo Day

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Nicolai Baldin
Founder & CEO Synthesized

Synthesized data.
Outsized impact

Slash time-to-value, accelerate innovation, and turbocharge data sharing and monetisation with new streams of data

The all-in-one, AI-powered DataOps platform

Turbocharge  innovation

All the data you need in minutes

It takes Synthesized about 10 minutes to generate millions of fully representative data points. With the ability to self-service any and all data needs, you can iterate and innovate at speed. Chief Innovation Officers at major global banks and insurers rely on Synthesized to accelerate product testing, validate models, and drive new revenue streams.


Unlock high-speed testing and development

Data scientists and test engineers waste up to 80% of their time on finding, collecting and curating data. Remove unnecessary friction in the machine learning lifecycle and focus on extracting maximum value while remaining privacy compliant.


Accurate. Versatile. Limitless.

Safely accelerate pilots and application rollouts without compromising on quality. Our platform enables you to experiment quickly and efficiently across unlimited data scenarios. As your data evolves over time, you can be sure that your models will remain accurate and bias-free.

Security and compliance

Ironclad data protection

Synthesized isn’t just GDPR compliant — it’s the next level of data privacy. Most data platforms redact PII, but Synthesized has been designed from the outset to satisfy all legal and compliance constraints.

Testing efficiency

Better, faster, more robust ML models

With large-scale, fully representative data sets, your data team can rigorously test and iterate against any scenarios, including edge cases. More accurate model training leads to better performance. Now you can eliminate the risk of mission-critical failure in production and go live with confidence.

10X productivity

Collaborate in ways you didn’t know were possible

External data sharing has never been easier, faster, or more secure. Synthesized streamlines collaboration, internally and externally, with ML-powered data access and data clean rooms. New partnerships — and new data monetisation opportunities — await.

Latest releases

Fairness and bias mitigation in data

Bias in data can lead to incorrect interpretations of models behavior, and more importantly, can lead to you falling foul of regulatory restrictions and damaging your brand reputation. The bias manifests itself in poor predictive capability, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness.

Synthesized has built the fastest ML-powered bias identification and remediation platform to ensure fairness and transparency in all data-driven applications.

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Synthesized data: 10X the impact, 0 risks

What our customers say

David Aston
CEO NextWave, Europe

"Synthesized enables our clients with a new and secure way of using data when innovating. The platform creates safe, Data Privacy Regulation proof, synthetic datasets that mirror production, providing CTO, CIO’s and CDO’s with a solution to fast-track development in a secure and compliant manner and to quickly seize the business opportunity new solutions and technology can offer clients."

European Bank
Chief Data Officer

“Synthesized product was the only product in the market which successfully synthesized high-quality transactional data for us.”

British FS company
Chief Operating Officer

“We use the synthetic data produced by Synthesized for robust testing of our internal systems”

Insurance company
Head of Innovation

“The Synthesized data process automation platform was able to generate over 1,000,000 high-quality customer profiles in the UK for sharing with a third party to improve our claim prediction performance.”

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