Create privacy-preserving snapshots of Salesforce for development and testing

Why synthesized for salesforce application testing

Build reliable and robust Saleforce-based applications  

Robust development and testing 

Synthesized ensures rapid detection, root cause analysis, and resolution of data quality issues, enabling quick mitigation before impacting your operations. Feel confident in your application by finding the root cause before anyone else.

Automated full data coverage

Cover a wide range of common data quality issues with our automated data generation scenarios.

Find “unknown unknowns”

Manual data generation rules and thresholds can only go so far. AI-based data generation finds the issues you didn’t plan for in advance.

Meet rigorous regulatory compliance standards

Restrict the use of production sensitive data (customer names, contact information, PCI, or PHI data) by anyone, externalor internal, who does not need access to the data to do their job.
Quick access to data snapshots

Application development teams have the flexibility to choose the approach that aligns with their specific requirements.

Local development

Streamline local development for Salesforce applications by infusing development environments with AI-generated, production-like data. This accelerates development cycles and ensures realistic simulations, promoting faster time-to-market. 

Application prototyping

Expedite Salesforce application prototyping by swiftly provisioning prototype databases with realistic data. Stakeholder engagement is heightened as prototypes closely mirror real-world scenarios, enabling informed decision-making. Agile development practices are supported through flexible iteration based on real Salesforce data feedback, mitigating risks through early issue identification.

End to end testing

Facilitates comprehensive E2E testing for Salesforce applications by furnishing diverse and realistic datasets for test environments. Data consistency across Salesforce environments ensures accurate test results, while scalability supports rigorous testing scenarios. Automated data provisioning accelerates testing cycles, empowering development teams to iterate quickly and deliver high-quality applications efficiently.


Synthesized aids debugging for Salesforce applications by replicating production scenarios in controlled environments, facilitating issue identification and resolution. Problematic data can be isolated for targeted troubleshooting, streamlining the debugging process. Data privacy compliance is assured through sensitive information masking, while streamlined collaboration supports efficient problem-solving among Salesforce development teams.

Provision reliable data subset

AI-enhanced data masking
Synthesized employs AI algorithms to intelligently select and provision data subsets that closely resemble production environments, ensuring that development and testing activities are conducted with realistic and representative datasets.
Efficient resource utilization
By generating right-sized data subsets tailored to specific use cases, Synthesized optimizes resource utilization in development environments, minimizing wastage and improving efficiency.
Seamless Integration with Cloud Environments
Synthesized seamlessly integrates with cloud platforms to create ephemeral databases for development and testing purposes, offering a cost-effective alternative to using production databases in the cloud.

Preserve data consistency

AI-powered data consistency
Synthesized leverages AI to preserve data consistency across development environments, ensuring that provisioned data accurately reflects the state of production datasets.
Transactional data operations
Synthesized supports transactional data operations to maintain data consistency during provisioning processes, guaranteeing reliable and reproducible results.
Dynamic data refresh
Synthesized offers dynamic data refresh capabilities to keep provisioned datasets synchronized with changes in production data, minimizing discrepancies and ensuring up-to-date testing environments.

Protect customer data privacy

AI-enhanced data masking
Synthesized utilizes AI-enhanced data masking techniques to anonymize and protect sensitive customer data, safeguarding privacy while maintaining data utility for development and testing purposes.
Role-based access control integration
Synthesized integrates role-based access control mechanisms to restrict access to sensitive customer data, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and mitigating privacy risks.
AI-enhanced data masking
Synthesized utilizes AI-enhanced data masking techniques to anonymize and protect sensitive customer data, safeguarding privacy while maintaining data utility for development and testing purposes.

Synthesized automated test data provisioning

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