Create production-like snapshots of SQL Server for development and testing

Leveraging SQL Server's robust features, Synthesized enhances data agility, ensuring data privacy compliance, and enabling prompt based generation of production-like data for testing and development.
Why synthesized for SQL Server

Build bulletproof SQL Server-based applications  

Rapid development and testing 

Accelerate your SQL Server development cycles with Synthesized. Our platform efficiently identifies performance bottlenecks and data anomalies, crucial for applications handling large transaction volumes and complex queries. Ensuring streamlined workflows and higher system reliability.

Automated full data coverage

Our automated database generation tool ensures that all possible data scenarios are tested, from simple CRUD operations to complex business intelligence analytics. Help safeguard against performance and stability issues in production and enhance application robustness.

Find “unknown unknowns”

Manual data generation rules and thresholds can only go so far. AI-based data generation finds the issues you didn’t plan for in advance.

Meet rigorous regulatory compliance standards

When you are working with financial data or other sensitive information, it’s essential to ensure test data is fit for purpose. Synthesized brings you peace of mind by generating production-like data, and keeping original data secure.

Generation based on a database schema

Rapid schema population
Instantly populate empty SQL Server schemas with realistic data, mimicking real operational environments, allowing teams to start testing without delays.
Intelligent data synthesis
Automatically infer data relationships and generate statistically representative data that respects SQL Server’s full-text indexing and spatial data features.

Generation based on a sample of existing data

Intelligent data analysis
Analyze existing SQL Server setups to model data patterns and relationships accurately, enabling the synthesis of new data instances that preserve the core characteristics of your datasets.
Privacy-focused synthesis
Create new datasets from existing data while ensuring that sensitive information is fully masked, maintaining privacy without sacrificing utility.

Masking of an existing database

"Data as Code" approach
Codifying data compliance requirements into concrete data transformations.
Advanced data masking techniques
Utilize state-of-the-art masking solutions to protect personal and sensitive data in SQL Server environments, tailored to meet both internal policies and external regulatory requirements.

Subsetting of an existing database

Data Subsetting for Efficiency
Extract precise and relevant subsets of SQL Server data to streamline testing processes and reduce overhead, enhancing both development agility and resource efficiency.

Talk to the team.

Bring your edge-cases and testing troubles to the team and we’ll give you a full overview of what Synthesized can do for your organization.