Closing the gap between testing and DevOps

Engineering organizations that take testing seriously have been waiting over a decade for the promise of seamless automation in test data provisioning that integrating TDM with DevOps and CI/CD pipelines was supposed to achieve. With Synthesized engineers, testing and quality assurance teams overcome the complexities of production data pipelines and data privacy regulations to realize this vision for automated test data provisioning.
​​Synthesized will further accelerate our application migration, data analysis, experimentation and testing in the cloud — enabling Deutsche Bank to increase its data productivity and innovation velocity.
Gil Perez
Chief Innovation Officer, Deutsche Bank
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Why Synthesized

Create data with Synthesized to:

Adopt DevOps for your database management

Save over 70% in costs per application dev & test lifecycle. Make your database provisioning cloud-native using Synthesized database generation, masking and subsetting engine that runs in Kubernetes. Seamless integration with testing frameworks enables efficient automation, while continuous learning ensures ongoing improvement, resulting in faster, higher-quality software releases.

Build and ship bulletproof applications

Ensure rapid detection, root cause analysis, and resolution of data quality issues, enabling quick mitigation before impacting your operations. Feel confident in your application by finding the root cause before anyone else.

Utilize cloud for storing and managing test data

Move from petabytes to gigabytes in seconds. Create small, lightweight snapshots of databases with Synthesized. Effortless to spin up, and with PII automatically masked.

Accelerate application migration

By automating the generation, masking, and provisioning of test data, AI ensures that migrated applications are thoroughly tested for functionality and reliability. Intelligent algorithms analyze data dependencies and usage patterns to optimize migration strategies, reducing the risk of data loss or corruption. Automated testing frameworks, integrated with AI, validate the compatibility and performance of migrated applications, accelerating the migration for Guidewire, Salesforce, SAP, Avaloq, Temenos and others.

Shorten time to data, faster delivery

AI-driven provisioning mechanisms streamline the allocation of test data to various testing environments, minimizing delays and bottlenecks. Real-time data refresh capabilities enable rapid updates to test datasets, ensuring they reflect the latest application changes. By accelerating these key aspects of test data management, expedite the testing cycle, leading to quicker insights, faster bug resolution, and ultimately, accelerated software delivery.
Built for today's engineering organization

Delivering the right data, not fake data

Generative text data

Generate robust and interpretable YAML configurations that allow for precision generation of high-fidelity production-like data for testing and development.

Data security & compliance

Automatically ensure test data is up-to-date, compliant, and as close to production as possible with Synthesized's "Data as Code" approach to codify complex compliance requirements into concrete data transformations.

Setup & deployment

Get data in the hands of engineers and testers in days not months with built-in configuration options for custom rules, CI/CD integrations and native self-service UI.

Automated data provisioning

Automatically position high quality safe to use test databases, not only for testing but for all other applications including data science and BI.

Security, DATa regulations, and compliance

Maintain compliant and up-to-date test data

Synthesized understands the risks that organizations take on when working with production data in testing, we also know that closing the gap between test data and production data is directly related the quality and speed of the eventual release. With our "Data as Code" approach we enable teams to codify complex compliance requirements into concrete data transformations as well as automated discovery of potential PII columns and data. 
UBS Next investment will further the development of high quality data for software testing
Synthesized creates accurate synthetic data to power innovation with BigQuery
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Deployment options to meet your needs

Synthesized Cloud Platform

The Synthesized Cloud Platform is a fully managed platform offering Synthesized technologies as a service to automate data provisioning and compliance.

Synthesized On Prem

DevOps-friendly API-driven framework to create tabular data and databases in minutes using YAML config files and Python DSL.

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Prompt-based database generator, now at your fingertips

Unlocking automated data provisioning for testers, builders, developers, and engineering organizations that take testing seriously.