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Our Values


Machine learning involves teamwork, and all our people work in unison. We ensure that achievements towards our mission are recognized on a personal level.


We value people who are exceptionally thoughtful and who make Synthesized a great place to work. Our goal is to build AI which benefits the world, which means that we want our team to be maximally diverse.

Engineering Excellence

We believe in Agile values. When in doubt, we experiment to find new ways to solve problems - we aren’t afraid to take risks and iterate to achieve cutting-edge results.


Our mission is to transform the way people do machine learning. It's a bit more than doing a 9-5 job to pay bills!

Creativity and Curiosity

We don't expect people to know everything and we don't tell them what to do - they start with a problem and are free to find the best solution.


Our team is research-oriented, but we solve business problems, not academic ones.

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