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How the Synthesized journey began

Since 2018, Synthesized has been on a mission to empower data scientists by making the creation and access of high-quality data fast and easy, enabling collaboration and innovation.

While working as researchers in Machine Learning (ML) at the University of Cambridge, Synthesized founders Nicolai Baldin and Denis Borovikov struggled to obtain sufficient clean and regularized data fundamental to building predictive models or testing a hypothesis. As the ML projects advanced, it was challenging to get high-quality, clean data sets. This was the origin of the Scientific Data Kit (SDK). Soon after, the Testing Data Kit (TDK) was developed to support full database creation to help QA teams with their application testing and cloud migration strategies.

Now, ML and QA teams can easily create, validate, and safely share high-quality data for data analysis, model training, and software testing without extensive manual configurations.


Nicolai Baldin

CEO & Founder

Denis Borovikov

CTO & Founder

Marc Degenkolb

Chief Operating Officer

Don Brown

Field CTO

Kevin O'Dell

VP of Field Engineering

Jeff Dietz

VP of Global Sales

Simon Swan

Head of Machine Learning & Product Owner (SDK)

Yuri Ruchin

Staff Engineer & Product Owner (TDK)

Margarita Kurushina

Solution Architect


Nicolai Baldin

CEO & Founder, Synthesized

Denis Borovikov

CTO & Founder, Synthesized

Marie Lauri

Managing Director, Deutsche Bank, Chief Data Office, Head of Data Risks and Controls

Kerry Baldwin

Managing Partner, IQ Capital

Stephen Johnson

Investment Director, Mercia Asset Management

Archie Muirhead

Principal, IQ Capital

First individual investors

Leonid Igolnik

EVP Engineering, Clari

Vitor Rodrigues

Staff Software Engineer, Google

JP Rangaswami

Independent non-executive director, Admiral Group Plc

Baruch Sadogursky

Developer Relations, JFrog

Thomas Butta

Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Airship

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