Create a General-Purpose Generative Model for
Any Dataset

Apply the Synthesized SDK to automatically create a generative model for any datasets to bootstrap data where the density of data is low, automatically reshape data as you like, and even anonymise data for repurposing.
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Automatic On-Demand Generative Models of Structured Data for Any Task

Automatic Data Upsampling and Bootstrapping for Backtesting, Cross-Validation and More with No Hassle

Data reshaping and manipulation
Multiple scenarios that allow for thorough model testing
Unlimited volumes of data on demand
Solving Data Imbalance
Solving Data Imbalance with Generative Models
Automatic data up-sampling and bootstrapping for backtesting, cross-validation and more with no hassle

Comprehensive Data Science Tools to Enable Robust Data Imputation and Increase Model Performance

Can accurately represent your intended population, resulting in more accurate and robust models
Automatically generate accurate data points for datasets with missing values or outliers at scale
Imputation User Guide
Imputation User Guide
Comprehensive data science tools

Privacy and Anonymity
at the Core

Generate required volumes of anonymous data from generative models
Create models with in-built differential privacy
Robustness against complex attacks such as linkage attacks and attribute disclosure
Configure privacy parameters within the SDK to meet your organisation’s needs
Is Anonymization Really Private?
Is Anonymization Really Private?
Privacy and anonymityat the core

Integrates into Everything

Whether you are a data engineer, data scientist or machine learning researcher, the SDK can be easily integrated into your existing workflows for ETL, data preparation and model training. It’s all set and ready to use.
Integrates with Scikitlearn
Integrates with TensorFlow
Integrates with NumPy
Integrates with Pandas

Develop with Synthesized

Synthesized Generative Models: 10X the performance, 0 risks
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