Unlock data utility with the Synthesized DataOps platform

A principal challenge with many data augmentation tools and platforms is that they sacrifice data utility in the name of privacy. With Synthesized, our platform works differently. We make sure data privacy and data utility are no longer mortal enemies.

In this report we assess the data quality of the synthetic data against the original credit data set the data was generated from. We look at both univariate and interaction metrics to understand how these metrics differ amongst the data sets along with better understanding the practical applications of Synthesized data.

  • Synthesized closely resembles the original data whilst preserving the privacy of the original data set across a wide range of statistical metrics.
  • Key insights discovered through analysis of the Synthesized data apply to the original data as well.
  • The Synthesized platform can correct imbalances within the data set and increase proportions of scarce segments within the data set to improve model performance.

Learn more about the data utility of Synthesized data and its practical implications. Complete the form and download your copy of the report!

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