Enabling innovation with the Synthesized financial data ecosystem

When working with data and software, fast iteration and quick feedback is essential for staying effective. Initiatives that don’t conform to this can be expensive and struggle to improve. Building on this understanding, the DataOps mentality prioritises fast, iterative testing processes by delivering high quality data products on demand for analytics. Enabling teams to dynamically react to changing requirements, experimentation and reproducibility is considered paramount to success.

Yet, even within such framing, data collection still remains a large bottleneck for many companies due to issues such as privacy concerns, high collection costs and slow approval procedures. Large financial institutions and FinTech startups alike are equally stymied by these issues as
data is usually expensive to collect and impossible to share.

The Synthesized Financial Data Ecosystem provides teams immediate access to a sophisticated, intelligent collection of fraud data products, which in turn allows ADGM Digital Lab participants to rapidly test different data hypotheses and validate solutions in a matter of minutes.

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