If data is the source of truth, then why is 65% of all data biased?

Synthesized has built the fastest ML-powered bias identification and remediation platform to ensure fairness and transparency in all data-driven applications

We've released the Community Edition of the data platform for Bias Mitigation. It incorporates research and cutting-edge techniques to enable any organisation to quickly identify potential biases within their data and immediately start to remediate these flaws

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the problem

Misconceptions about algorithmic biases and their impact

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Misconception 1: Predictive models are designed to discriminate, so removing bias is contrary to this aim.

FALSE: Bias in data can lead to incorrect interpretations of models behaviour, and more importantly can lead to you falling foul of regulatory restrictions.

Misconception 2: Fairness in ML is an abstract topic and doesn’t have implications to the business.

FALSE: The bias manifests itself in poor predictive capability, the loss is in efficiency and in effectiveness.

Misconception 4: Removing sensitive attributes from data will make the dataset unbiased and fair.

FALSE: Causality is often hidden in data.

Misconception 3: Bias only applies to things like race and religion.

FALSE: Bias in data is complex and there are many other types: historical bias, representation bias, measurement bias and many more.

modern world

Fairness and ethical use of data are key elements of any data-driven company

At Synthesized, our platform allows businesses of the modern world, of the future, to work with data safely in a fair manner which is the core underlying principle of our technology.
The Synthesized platform automatically and accurately identifies bias in data in seconds. But that’s only the beginning: we also enable you to automatically remove the bias, too.

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Automatically identify bias across data attributes like gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, and more

Automatically remove the biases present in an entire dataset using data rebalancing

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