Production-like test data, automated test data provisioning

Database generation, masking and subsetting with Generative AI

Remove the need for full virtualized copies of your data, intelligently subset only the data you need. Configure data generation and masking parameters within the platform to meet your organization’s needs.
Synthesized Cloud

Reduce compliance risks with codified regulatory requirements

Codify regulatory requirements directly with Synthesized to guarantee compliance and optimize transformation configurations automatically.
Why Synthesized

Not all the data, not fake data, but the right data for the task

Testing and development teams need access to Automate test data provisioning from production data with native CI/CD integrations and proprietary discovery models. 
Why Synthesized
Synthesized Cloud
Generate and manage test data for development and testing.
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Why Synthesized

Ensure test data is up-to-date, compliant, and as close to production as possible


Get data in the hands of engineers and testers in days not months with built in configuration options for custom rules, CI/CD integrations and native self-service UI.


With generative AI utilize robust and interpretable YAML configurations that allow for precision generation of high-fidelity production-like data for testing and development.


Save over 70% per application dev & test lifecycle. Test data provisioning is now cloud-native using Synthesized GenAI engine for database generation, intelligent masking and subsetting.


Automatically ensure test data is up-to-date, compliant, and as close to production as possible with Synthesized’s "Data as Code" approach to codify complex compliance requirements into concrete data transformations.
Specify requirements
Write data requirements with the help of LLM in a YAML config file for a database or using Python DSL for a dataset.
Create workflow
Create a data transformation job, check data categorization and access rights.
Run job
Run job as part of CI/CD or data pipeline to generate data in the destination that meets the requirements.

Cloud native Test Data Provisioning

Data generation with GenAI
for any development and QA use-case

  • Create large, diverse datasets representative of real-world scenarios.
  • Streamline the database generation process with the LLM, ensuring the availability of high-quality data for testing while minimizing manual effort and accelerating development cycles.

Reduce the risk with codified regulatory rules

  • Encode compliance rules into masking policies to ensure that test data remains compliant with regulatory standards.
  • Minimize the potential for breaches and legal liabilities associated with mishandling sensitive information

Access the right data, not all the data

  • Provide teams with access to a subset of data that is relevant to their roles or tasks, without exposing the entire database. Use GenAI to generate specific databases for complex use-cases.
  • Selectively masks sensitive information within the subset for an optimal balance between data security and usability.
More than just faster releases

Adopt DevOps for your database management

Save over 70% in costs per application dev & test lifecycle. Make your database provisioning cloud-native using Synthesized database generation, masking and subsetting engine that runs in Kubernetes. Seamless integration with testing frameworks enables efficient automation, while continuous learning ensures ongoing improvement, resulting in faster, higher-quality software releases.

Automate test data provisioning with AI

With AI algorithms analyzing requirements and patterns, production-like data is produced, ensuring comprehensive test coverage. With the help of GenAI sensitive data is protected through intelligent masking techniques while maintaining data integrity. Test data is dynamically refreshed to reflect changes in the application, and predictive maintenance anticipates future testing needs.

Build and ship bulletproof applications

Ensure rapid detection, root cause analysis, and resolution of data quality issues, enabling quick mitigation before impacting your operations. Feel confident in your application by finding the root cause before anyone else.

Accelerate application migration

Automatically ensure test data is up-to-date, compliant, and as close to production as possible with Synthesized’s "Data as Code" approach to codify complex compliance requirements into concrete data transformations.

Databases & applications

Stream PostgreSQL database preparation for development and testing

Synthesized provides the only AI-driven database masking, subsetting, and generation for PostgreSQL, tailored for application development and testing teams.
  • Automate the creation of databases that closely mirror production environments.
  • Enhance security and compliance by intelligently masking sensitive data, ensuring that personally identifiable information is protected.

Automate SQL Server test data provisioning

Synthesized optimizes SQL Server development cycles by efficiently identifying performance bottlenecks and data anomalies, crucial for handling large transaction volumes and complex queries.
  • Ensure every possible data scenario is covered by your test data.
  • Identify the "unknown unknowns", to accelerate release cycles and deliver with fewer bugs.

Automated test data provisioning for Oracle

Synthesized for Oracle databases enhance environments that handle high-volume transactions and complex production pipelines. Minimize downtime and optimize development with the right data, not all the data.
  • Manage complex Oracle-specific data types and relationships with Synthesized automated data generation
  • Intelligent masking for PII risk discovery.

Enhance Salesforce development with privacy-preserving snapshots

Synthesized enables rapid, reliable Salesforce application development with privacy-preserving snapshots for QA and development. Quickly identify and resolve issues, minimizing operational disruptions and enhance application robustness before release, not after.
  • Automated, comprehensive data coverage for any use-case
  • Protect sensitive customer information with AI-driven data masking techniques, ensuring compliance with codified regulatory rules
Partners & integrations

Built to work with your ecosystem

We understand that today’s production data pipelines and development environments are complex and dynamic. So while you can use Synthesized to generate production-like data for your specific POC, it also works with your specific technologies.
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Create production-like data in your cloud tenant

Deploy instantly, supercharge effortlessly, and accelerate initiatives with seamless cloud marketplace integrations. Our “Data as Code” approach makes it easy for anyone to be a data engineer.
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Generative AI powered database generator, now at your fingertips

Unlocking automated data provisioning for testers, builders, developers, and engineering organizations that take testing seriously.

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