A guide to testing data and optimizing data coverage

QA and Test Engineers often face difficulty accessing, understanding, and ensuring optimal data coverage—there’s a clear disconnect between current data-centric applications and agile environments. This in-depth guide will provide you with a fresh perspective on accessing, analysing and optimising test data coverage and show you to deploy the most suitable techniques and tools—or a carefully selected mix of them—for your particular use case.

Explore in more details:

  • how data-centric applications are failing agile environments
  • what a data silo situation looks like and why it should be avoided
  • how to determine if you have adequate data (including a practical team exercise)
  • what techniques you should deploy—or avoid—to improve data quality and access, and
  • how a leading global bank saved hundreds of hours of manual labor and unnecessary expenses by increasing their data coverage for testing—a mini case study on improving test coverage from 49.5% to 100%

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