December 22, 2020

Synthesized, Where All That Data Magic Happens...

Synthesized, Where All That Data Magic Happens...

Dear Fast Eddie,

Santa just forwarded us your letter. Our engineers might not hail from the North Pole - but every day we help organisations like yours unleash the full potential of their data.

At Synthesized, we help kind folks like you harvest the data they need when they need it the most - with zero security risk and zero hassle. There’s no more waiting for months for data, no more manual data preparation, no more worrying about data breaches or compliance violations. Just a whole lot of opportunity.

Maybe you want to test new scenarios today instead of waiting for months for sensitive data to clear compliance. Maybe you want to build more robust systems with no risk of mission-critical failure. Or maybe you want to automatically generate millions of realistic customer profiles in minutes, without putting original customer records and PII at risk. Whatever you need your data to do, Synthesized can help you do it safer, faster, and more collaboratively.

We’ve worked with data-driven organisations like yours, that were looking for fast and simple data provisioning on-demand. We’ve worked with bold dreamers who needed a way to collaborate securely with others outside their organization so they could unlock new revenue streams and monetization opportunities.

All they needed to realise their data’s untapped potential?  The answer’s simple: Synthesized data assets at scale.

We may not know much about reindeer, but Synthesized is where all that data magic happens.

Let’s chat!

We hope you and your loved ones have happy and healthy Christmas,
Santa’s helpers

PS: Tell Scrooge to give us a look. We can deal with all the ghosts of data headaches past - and help your organisation build a brand around privacy, digital transformation, and operational agility. Your data’s future is about to get a lot brighter.