October 12, 2021

Partnering with Accenture to Empower Enterprise Data Innovation Projects

Partnering with Accenture to Empower Enterprise Data Innovation Projects

We are thrilled to announce we have entered into a new partnership with Accenture, a global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud and security. Through the alliance, Accenture will offer customers across European markets such as Portugal, Spain and Netherlands access to the Synthesized platform to support their data-driven innovation projects and unlock true value from their data in an agile, yet secure and fully compliant manner.

Data-driven innovation is central to economic growth within enterprises, but regulatory compliance restricts how they can share and access their data. Together we solve the problems enterprises face when collaborating with sensitive data, helping them unlock its value whilst remaining fully compliant. The partnership between Accenture and Synthesized will support organisations as they build data governance programs, empowering them to become truly data-driven, while eliminating the risks of data leakage.

"The partnership with Accenture will enable companies across different industries to accelerate their transformation and truly become data-driven organisations. Together we have the expertise and know-how to enable companies to leverage their most sensitive data assets, in a fully compliant manner, to deliver true competitive advantage” said Nicolai Baldin, CEO of Synthesized.

“We are thrilled to be working with Synthesized. Their solution and approach to data innovation has been a key enabler for our modern data foundation vision in the areas of data compliance and data protection. This allows us to provide our clients with an innovative approach to build synthetic production-data pipelines in a no-code fashion, preserving the characteristics of the original data. With its impressive processing times it allows for a fast and agile preparation of datasets for any data exploration needs, from data science to testing, in a fully compliant and safe way.

This solution is a great example of how AI-driven automation and precision can help companies responsibly fuel innovation and how we are helping our clients to be more data-driven” added Constantino Almeida, Technology Strategy & Advisory Senior Manager, Accenture.

The Synthesized platform can also be used to assess data fairness, bias and quality, giving data teams insights into how their data could impact model performance. Data teams can then use the platform to remove biases, rebalance data to accommodate underrepresented classes and cover a broad range of scenarios that previously would have been missed within the original dataset.