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How you can automate generative models of your structured data for any task
Quickly perform manipulation and synthesize new data—whether generating millions of new data points or optimising a dataset for size and coverage
Comply with GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA. Zero risk of exposing any sensitive customer information
Bias mitigation of your data to ensure fairness and transparency
Data that remains up to date, and is fast and simple to provision on demand

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Why Synthesized?

At Synthesized we believe business innovation cannot succeed without data innovation. That’s why we’ve built a next-generation DataOps platform that delivers critical capabilities to fast-track development and help organisations rapidly seize opportunities — all while maintaining zero compliance risk. Powered by cutting-edge machine learning, our platform enables enterprises to build better models and accelerate insight discovery and sharing.

With Synthesized, whether you’re already a data pro or just getting started, our platform will empower you to do more with your data. Our DataOps platform requires no coding or deep technical expertise to get started. The combined intelligence and simplicity of the platform makes it the perfect solution for data collaboration in every industry with immediate results.

What Sets Us Apart?

Safe, Self-Service Access to Sensitive Enterprise Data

Our AI-powered DataOps platform enables enterprises to securely work with sensitive data. The platform generates intelligent data, at any scale, that looks and behaves exactly like original data, but consists of entirely new, Synthesized data points leading to faster, more accurate training of models.

Secure Data Sharing Powered by Data Clean Rooms

Synthesized streamlines collaboration, internally and externally, with ML-powered data access and data clean rooms. Synthesized Data Clean Rooms are secure, isolated environments created by the Synthesized platform, tightly integrated with your enterprise logging and monitoring tools, to provide a full audit of all data access and data movement.

Data Privacy by Design

Our unique platform learns the complex statistical relationships in the data and automatically generates new realistic samples at any volume while preserving the full quality and performance of the original dataset. Unlike other methods such as data masking or data anonymization which have significant vulnerabilities, our platform ensures data privacy by design.

Ethical and Fair Use of Data

Synthesized provides a fairness scoring algorithm to quantify how fair a dataset is, identifies any biases it may contain, and then harnesses powerful data rebalancing techniques to enable you to automatically mitigate these biases.

Synthesized DataOps Platform

Unlock Data Utility with the Synthesized DataOps Platform

In this report we assess the data quality of the synthetic data against the original credit data set the data was generated from.
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