April 21, 2023

Key applications of generative AI for structured data in Finance

The RE•WORK AI in Finance Summit in New York is an event that aims to bridge the gap between the latest technological research advancements and real-world applications in business and society. It does so by bringing together experts in AI, who share the latest trends and industry news, whilst allowing attendees to network with like-minded individuals. During this year's edition, Synthesized gave a presentation on generative AI for structured data.

Large enterprise organizations certainly benefit from economies of scale. However, with greater size, operational bottlenecks in the handling of data are ever present for security, regulatory compliance and structural reasons. The tradeoff that most enterprises are forced to make is sacrificing innovation to avoid risk, which of course is problematic. In this talk, Nicolai explains how to use synthetic data and generative AI for structured data to mitigate risk while simultaneously increase business agility and drive tangible business outcomes.

  • Why is structured data important for financial decision making and what are the common challenges associated with using it?
  • How can generative AI be used to generate synthetic data to supplement limited data sets in finance?
  • How can generative AI improve the performance of machine learning models?

Presenter: Nicolai Baldin, CEO & Founder

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