November 9, 2020

BBC Digital Planet

Nicolai, Synthesized CEO recently joined BBC Digital Planet to speak about the problem of data sharing and preparation, and how Synthesized is addressing it.

A firm believer that data should be treated ethically and in a privacy-preserving manner, Nicolai presented the real opportunity brought by synthetic data and its key benefits.

What is a synthetic dataset:

Totally new data sets that look, feel, and behave like the original data set but do not have the issues normally encountered with original dataset such as quality, privacy, and bias.

The real business opportunity it presents:

  • Speeding up the innovation process and the development of new solutions
  • Building better solutions and services: Test and develop different solutions against the simulated datasets much faster in a more privacy-preserving and ethical manner.
  • Faster time to market, and access to where the solution is needed most, such as the wider public in the case of medical applications

Powering innovation

The Synthesized platform enables customers the synthesis of simulated datasets in under 10 minutes versus the 4 months typically an organization would need to provision and prepare data sets for development and test purposes.

Leading institutions rely on Synthesized for:

  • Real-time data delivery for research and development purposes
  • Ability to create a variety of simulated scenarios to test various systems such as fraud detection, against those scenarios
  • Elimination of privacy and compliance risks.