March 8, 2023

Application development with Kotlin Flow

Flow is a built-in feature of Kotlin that provides an extremely solid foundation for writing concurrent applications. In this session, using the simple example of building a database anonymization application, we show you how to harness the power of flows with just a few simple building blocks: flow builders, transformations, and collectors. We also look at how to create and run flows of gradually increasing complexity, demonstrate how cold flows differ from hot ones, and explain the connection between flows and coroutines.

Code that was written during the webinar (with minor tweaks to the Gradle scripts) is accessible in the JetBrains repository.

Presenter: Yury Ruchin, Staff Engineer & Product Owner (TDK)

Yury has an extensive 17+ years' experience in building production-grade, battle-tested systems: from mobile applications through enterprise backend services to large data-intensive analytical systems often referred to as "big data applications". Besides that, his interests include stream processing at scale, distributed systems, cryptography, and performance engineering.