May 7, 2021

Accelerating Abu Dhabi’s Innovation-Driven Digital Transformation

Accelerating Abu Dhabi’s Innovation-Driven Digital Transformation

Watch Now:

Watch Now:

One of the key challenges financial institutions encounter in their ability to adopt innovation is the process of procuring, and thereafter integrating with their legacy systems, digital solutions offered by FinTechs and other technology providers in a timely and cost-effective manner.

With the specific aim of solving this challenge, Abu Dhabi Global Market has launched the Digital Lab. Built with functionalities that enable collaboration, testing and verification of new products and solutions it aims expediting time to market in a cost-effective manner. 

Panel Discussion: Leveraging a Digital Marketplace to Accelerate Collaboration

Synthesized CEO and Co-Founder, Nicolai Baldin joined the Inaugural Digital Lab Demo Day with other leading industry experts to discuss the Digital Lab initiative and how to best leverage a digital marketplace as an accelerator for collaboration and innovation adoption. 

Watch the 30 minute panel session on demand now.


  • Vadim Sobolevski, Co-Founder, FutureFlow
  • Nicolai Baldin, CEO and Founder, Synthesized
  • Izhar Arieli, Co-Founder and CEO, Tenure X
  • Shane Reidel, Founder and CEO, Elucidate

Session Moderator: Gabrielle Inzirillo, Head of Market Development,  ADGM FSRA

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