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Ton Badal

Solution Architect
Ton is an Engineer passionate about Machine Learning and AI. Before joining Synthesized, he worked for a challenger bank in the UK improving their decisioning process by exploiting their data, and prior to that, he obtained his MSc in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh. Originally from Barcelona and proud supporter of their football team - on his own words “the best team in the world”-, you may find him running around Hampstead Heath or listening to some live music somewhere around London

Employee Spotlight: An Interview with Ton Badal, Solution Architect at Synthesized

Ton was one of the first team members to join Synthesized back in September 2019. He started in the company as a Machine Learning Engineer and quickly became a crucial member of the core team. With a deep technical knowledge, a curious and inquisitive nature, and a sharp problem-solving mind, Ton naturally became the friendly interface with customers, ensuring their needs are properly and swiftly met. As a result, the first ever round of promotions inside Synthesized saw Ton advancing to the role of Solution Architect. 

Check out the interview with Ton to find out what it takes to become a Solution Architect in a DataOps company, what challenges he is facing in his new role and what advice he has to offer to all future Machine Learning Engineers.

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