Realise best data practices with fast ML-driven  creation of new data assets for development and testing

Synthesized has built the world’s fastest self-service data access and curation platform to enable development and testing of business services and data science models

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Technical debt in testing, machine learning and data science

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Data scientists, ML engineers and test engineers waste up to 80% of their time on finding, collecting  and curating data for development and testing

Manual data processes, lack of standardisation, organisational bottlenecks

Disagreement and blockers from approvers and data owners to get access to a representative set of data for development and testing purposes

use cases

Businesses automate data delivery, curation and data quality monitoring with Synthesized

case #1
Multinational Investment Bank

Real-time data curation, delivery and data quality monitoring for dev and test teams in software development, ML and testing

Synthesized enables robust models of risk to be developed

Synthesized enhances, regularises and rebalances structured data automatically for development and testing purposes

case #2
London Fintech

Support collaboration with clients, partners and remote teams on data projects and pilot

Synthesized automates collaboration with partners on combating fraud and AML

Accelerates all storages of joint projects with banks ensuring privacy of 3rd party data providers

case #3
European ERP Software

Agile testing for both functional and non-functional purposes in the cloud

Synthesized enables rapid testing against adversarial data scenarios generated by the platform

Synthesized monitors data quality and removes the risk of mission-critical failure in production


Synthesized management interface

Self-service fast ML-powered data projects

Statistical (deep) data quality monitoring

Referential integrity for testing purposes

Preparation/rebalancing for dev and test

Data version control

Orchestration of high volumes of structured data from an arbitrary number of data sources

We’re transforming the way  businesses work with data

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