Data Utility + Compliance = Synthesized

With compliance by design and many integration and deployment options, we enable the creation of data products that are secure yet accessible. Useful for you. Secure for everyone.

Compliance with Data Privacy Regulations

Synthesized data products are designed to be compliant with standard industry regulatory data governance and privacy frameworks including GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA. No data breaches, no reputational risks, nor risk of fines for non-compliance.
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Enterprise-Grade Security

Meeting Industry-Standard Security Protocols

Synthesized does not have access to any data, including usage data, processed or generated by the tool.
SSl SecureJWTbcrypt

Single Sign-On

Synthesized supports Single Sign-On, integrating with the following protocols.


Synthesized supports enterprise-grade security controls and protocols.
Role-Based Access Control
Separation of Privileges
Admin Features
Audit Logs
Central Credentials Store such as HASHICORP Vault
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Integration
Active Directory (AD) Integration

Deployment & Integrations

On Cloud

AzureGoogle Cloud PlatformAWS

On-Premise Installation


Other Deployment Options

Python package for the Synthesized SDK (Windows, manylinux, MacOS) Python 3.6+

Data Warehousing Support

Flat Files Support


Databases Support

Available immediately

OracleIBM DB2My SQLMicrosoft SQLSAP SybasePostrgreSQLWindows server

Available on request

SharePointApache DrillDruidGoogle Big QueryExasolElasticsearchFirebirdMonetDBHiveGoogle SheetsNetezzaInformixSap HanaSap AsESolrCockroach dbTeradataCreateDBHive

Data Warehouse Support

Available immediately

Table StoragePostrgreSQLCosmosSQL

Available on request

Blob StorageData warehouseSharepoint 365File StorageOneDrive

Data Lakes Support

TSVStorageAmazon s3

Availability and Scalability

24x7 availability
24x7 availability deployment options
Vertical scaling. Horizontal scaling on Kubernetes cluster
Vertical scaling
Horizontal scaling on Kubernetes cluster
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