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July 16, 2021

Announcing Synthesized SDK in Google Colab

Nicolai Baldin
Announcing Synthesized SDK in Google Colab

We are pleased to announce that the Synthesized SDK is now generally available to the broader data science community in Google Colab.

The release separates the developer version from the Synthesized DataOps Platform (enterprise version) and enables any team or individual contributor to access the SDK effortlessly. With the Synthesized SDK available on Colab, we aim to make it easier for enterprise customers and tech teams to familiarize themselves with all of the capabilities that enable the creation of high-quality, yet privacy preserving, data products.

The Synthesized SDK comes with full documentation and it can immediately be accessed in Colab. The SDK automatically creates powerful generative models, based on any structured dataset, for data bootstrapping, reshaping and anonymization.

It is a major step forward in our effort to help organizations quickly demonstrate how it's possible to derive critical insights from sensitive data trapped in siloed production environments. Trusted by global banks, insurance companies and public bodies, the Synthesized SDK delivers performance-optimized data products, at any volume, suitable for the most demanding machine learning and testing tasks.

More Speed, More Performance, More Privacy.

The Colab release of the Synthesized SDK includes full documentation and various guidelines to enable your teams to get started fast. It only takes minutes to create a general-purpose generative model for any dataset, but there’s a lot more under the hood:

  • Data rebalancing capabilities allow data products to be easily optimized for performance for ANY machine learning model.  
  • Data imputation capabilities correct missing data and outliers delivering finely tuned, better performing machine learning models.
  • We also dropped differential privacy into the Synthesized SDK along with our complete framework for assessing both utility and privacy of new data products. Even more advanced capabilities to prevent all linkage attacks exist in the enterprise version.

Launch the SDK in Minutes.

These new capabilities are all self-service in Google Colab and in minutes you can demonstrate the performance of the Synthesized SDK to your organisation.

If you'd like to explore using the Synthesized SDK outside Colab in a production environment, on-premise/private cloud, connect to databases, intergrate into ETL, being able to work with Spark and big data sources natively, or just moving beyond a single dataframe in memory and more reach out to letschat@synthesized.io.

With the Synthesized SDK, data products are instantly available and are suited to enterprise grade privacy requirements with minimal performance loss compared to other techniques in the market today.

What’s Next.

We aim to expand access to developer versions of our products to more developer communities and data practitioners. We are excited for everyone to try this release and further expand their DataOps toolbox.

As more of the developer community makes use of the Synthesized SDK, we’re excited to continue learning from you and accelerating the development of new SDK capabilities.

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