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Automate all stages of data provisioning and data curation powered by cutting-edge ML

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High-performance resampling

Access massive datasets in minutes

Synthesized gives your team access to a vast array of high-quality synthesized data in minutes. Our industry-leading AI automates data curation and insight delivery, fast-tracking development, and boosting model accuracy. Having all your data and test projects on one centralized platform dramatically reduces time-to-insight.


Accurate. Versatile. Limitless

Safely accelerate pilots and application rollouts without compromising on quality. Our platform enables you to experiment quickly and efficiently across unlimited data scenarios. As your data evolves over time, you can be sure that your models will remain accurate and bias-free.

Automated data curation

High volume, representative datasets on demand

Synthesized automatically provisions and curates structured data, by using proprietary rebalancing and augmentation techniques. With superior data assets at scale, you can blow past your limits, create new dev & test data, and accelerate product development.

Data privacy and compliance

Zero Bias. Zero risks. Endless possibilities

Synthesized takes compliance to the next level by replacing sensitive customer data (incl. PII, SPI, etc.) with synthetic data. Now you can test across a full range of customer attributes without any risk of data breaches. Plus, our platform’s automatic bias discovery and mitigation features enable you to build fairer, more resilient models in a highly secure testing environment.

Key features

Synthesized solves the problem of data sharing

Instead of sharing original data, we enable businesses and other data owners to work with compliant synthetic datasets mimicking the structure of original data without disclosing any information about individual data points.

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Turbocharging data science and machine learning processes across teams

Automatic value creation & insight extraction

Data preparation

Data enhancement

Data consolidation

Ensuring compliant collaboration internally and with 3rd parties

Comprehensive data synthesis functionality

Shareable data templates

Data clean rooms in-platform

Role-based access control

Realise your data’s untapped potential
with Synthesized.

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What our customers say

David Aston
CEO NextWave, Europe

"Synthesized enables our clients with a new and secure way of using data when innovating. The platform creates safe, Data Privacy Regulation proof, synthetic datasets that mirror production, providing CTO, CIO’s and CDO’s with a solution to fast-track development in a secure and compliant manner and to quickly seize the business opportunity new solutions and technology can offer clients."

European Bank
Chief Data Officer

“Synthesized product was the only product in the market which successfully synthesized high-quality transactional data for us.”

British FS company
Chief Operating Officer

“We use the synthetic data produced by Synthesized for robust testing of our internal systems”

Insurance company
Head of Innovation

“The Synthesized data process automation platform was able to generate over 1,000,000 high-quality customer profiles in the UK for sharing with a third party to improve our claim prediction performance.”

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