Optimised Data for Optimal Health Outcomes

Data Access and Data Security are no longer mortal enemies

Working with data can be a major roadblock in healthcare innovation—from reimagining the patient experience to developing lifesaving treatments. The ability to unlock the value of sensitive data through collaboration and sharing can mean the difference between discovery and delay. 
Synthesized can make it easier and faster to innovate in healthcare. How do we do it? With high-quality Synthesized data, zero privacy risks, and safe environments for collaboration.

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HIPAA Compliant and Safe to Share Data in Minutes

Sensitive clinical and patient data invaluable to research and development can be Synthesized and then shared safely to unlock collaboration, filling gaps in research data.  The Synthesized platform uses sophisticated AI technology to learn the complex statistical relationships within your data, and can automatically generate representative datasets within minutes—at any scale. That’s data that looks and feels just like your original data, but without all of the privacy and security risks.

Data Collaboration When You Need It and with Whomever. Always Secure.

Data access and sharing has never been easier, faster, or more secure. Synthesized Data Clean Rooms are secure, isolated environments that streamline collaboration between internal research teams and external partners. These sandbox environments enable collaboration with data from multiple sources and data exchanges. They are tightly integrated with role-based access control, audit logs, and an extensive set of security capabilities. 

Generate Intelligent and Bias Free Test Data

Developing the right healthcare models and patient experiences means having access to datasets that represent diverse populations and their needs. In some cases, data collection may lead to underrepresentation or overrepresentation of certain patient groups. The Synthesized platform can detect and mitigate bias in your data to ensure fair representation. Generate virtually unlimited high-quality datasets without the problems of missing values, bias and outliers. You can rigorously test and iterate Synthesized data against any scenario, including edge cases, without compromising quality.

Accelerate proofs-of-concept with external vendors and realise the full value of your data

Securely distribute large volumes of test data to remote teams

Safely collaborate with your team on any data project

Track, monitor, and log access to and movement of all data

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