October 21, 2021

Is DataOps the New DevOps?

Is DataOps the New DevOps?

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Brief Overview

What’s the difference between DataOps and DevOps? What are the most important skills engineers need to have in order to implement such approaches? Listen to this episode to get an overview of the best DataOps and DevOps tools and get an answer to the question: “Is DataOps today’s biggest transformation?”

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0:00 Introduction do DevOps
5:00 Applying DevOps to DataOps
8:33 DevOps vs DataOps
14:00 The DataOps process
19:20 Building a DataOps-empowered team
22:56 The ideal DataOps team member profile
25:20 Guaranteeing compliant and relevant data
32:38 Tooling for DevOps and DataOps implementation
43:20 The future of DataOps solutions
47:20 What is Data Mesh
50:45 Conclusions


Seva Brekelov
Seva Brekelov
Engineering Lead, Synthesized

Seva is an Engineering Lead with background in test automation and CI/CD, and building full stack applications from scratch.

Baruch Sadogursky
Baruch Sadogursky
Head of DevOps Advocacy and Developer Advocate, JFrog

Baruch has a 20 years experience in hi-tech and is the co-author of the Liquid Software book. He is a CNCF ambassador and a passionate conference speaker on DevOps, DevSecOps, digital transformation, containers and cloud-native, artifact management.

Denis Borovikov
Denis Borovikov
Chief Technology Officer, Synthesized

Denis has over 10 years of experience in building software products including high-load services, search systems and fintech, developed at Deutsche Bank, SoundCloud, and a number of SMBs.

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