December 8, 2021

Building a Modern Testing Organization for 2022

Building a Modern Testing Organization for 2022

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Brief Overview

Our resident testing experts, Seva, Denis and Ivan, dive deep into how to build the right software testing process to meet the needs of your organization. In this episode we’ll discuss building Quality Gates and why they should be an integral part of every testing process. 

We answer burning questions such as:

  • At which point in time should you start adding linters or E2E tests? 
  • How can you define the right strategy for improving the quality of your tests while not getting trapped into an endless configuration process?

Jump to the chapter you want to listen to:

0:00 Introduction to Quality Gates
1:27 Developers over optimising
7:00 Time pressure and what to do with tests
9:05 Smart ROI and quick wins
10:50 Stage recommendations
16:20 Improving current stage
21:18 Unit tests VS component tests VS others
27:42 Resourcing
29:30 How to level up
32:45 On manual testing
36:17 The decline of static test environments?
37:12 Kubernetes magic
39:00 Creating a platform team
40:48 What is a quality gate & conclusions

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Seva Brekelov
Seva Brekelov
Engineering Lead, Synthesized

Seva is an Engineering Lead with background in test automation and CI/CD, and building full stack applications from scratch.

Ivan Ponomarev
Ivan Ponomarev
Staff Software Engineer, Synthesized

Ivan is a full-stack developer and architect focusing on the JVM platform and programming languages. He is a Kafka Streams contributor and likes teaching programming at universities and at different conferences. Ivan is a YouTube creator, with a passion for teaching Java.

Denis Borovikov
Denis Borovikov
Chief Technology Officer, Synthesized

Denis has over 10 years of experience in building software products including high-load services, search systems and fintech, developed at Deutsche Bank, SoundCloud, and a number of SMBs.

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