Break Data Silos, Not Rules

Modern organisations are becoming increasingly global with teams and operations distributed across the world. Yet, distributed and siloed data cannot be easily shared or collaborated on due to privacy regulations and data security concerns.

The DataOps platform changes the paradigm and enables seamless collaboration across teams.

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Internal Collaboration

Case Study

Unlocking Data’s Business Value through Global Collaboration

The Challenge

A large global investment bank found it increasingly difficult for their data science teams to leverage the vast amounts of data sitting within all of the different countries the bank operates in.

The inability to access data resulted in:

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Delays in model development and validation; increasing investment risk and limiting new opportunities

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Limited collaboration between regional data science teams; affecting model accuracy and stifling innovation

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Increasing data governance and compliance efforts and costs to keep data safe

The Solution

With Synthesized, the global investment bank was able to safely collaborate and share data while maintaining full data privacy compliance and ensuring security.

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Data Science teams across the globe can now have near-instant access to data originally stored in locations across the globe

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Saving hours of data prep and allowing teams to extract value from data faster

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Increased speed-to-market for new products and services

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Sensitive data remains securely stored in its country of origin

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Maintaining full data security and compliance whilst enabling data sharing

How Does the DataOps Platform Work?

The DataOps platform can generate highly accurate and statistically representative models of the original dataset without the need for the data to be physically relocated or replicated across borders or regulatory boundaries.

The platform enables:

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Creation of highly accurate data products that behave exactly like the original but without any of the actual original data

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Collaboration between different functional or geographically distributed teams without risks of non-compliance or security breaches

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Fully traceable and auditable access controls with distinct data owner, creator, and user designations

How Does the DataOps Platform Work?
Data Collaboration and Data Governance

Data Collaboration Begins with Data Governance

The key to data collaboration and harnessing the power of data starts with providing teams with tools they can trust to keep data safe and secure.

With the platform, roles and permissions are clearly defined and enforced without limiting collaboration. Robust access controls distinguish between Data Creators and Data Users to ensure sensitive data can only be accessed and modified by authorised persons.

Integrations with Active Directory and LDAP along with full audit capabilities simplify governance.

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