Compliant Data Sharing and Collaboration

Unlock innovation by enabling secure and compliant collaboration between your teams, vendors, and customers with the DataOps platform.

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Safe and Secure Data Sharing and Collaboration with DataOps

Case Study

Supercharging Innovation through External Collaboration

The Challenge

A leading finTech provider in the UK lacked the necessary data to develop new product offerings at the speed demanded by its largest customers; lacking of transactional data that could be used for model development and training.

The Solution

With the DataOps platform, FinTech used Data Clean Rooms to enable secure data sharing between itself and its customers; augmenting the necessary data and accelerating the product development process.

The comprehensive data science functionality of the platform enabled the rebalancing of data and generating multiple data scenarios to account for a variety of product use cases — all within minutes and without risk.

How Does the DataOps Platform Work?

Collaboration Suite

Collaboration Suite

To facilitate collaboration, the platform makes it easy to create and share data products internally and externally. Defined ownership and permissions ensure the right people have access only to the right documents.

Data Clean Rooms

The DataOps platform’s built-in collaboration tools include Data Clean Rooms (Digital Sandboxes). They can securely grant access to data without risk of it being compromised, leaked or moved.

Key features:

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Pristine isolated environments facilitating multi-party external collaboration without any risks to data privacy

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Ability to manage multiple sources of data without creating data impurities

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Data access is closely monitored and logged to ensure total compliance with all regulatory requirements

Data Clean Rooms
Full Compliance with All Data Privacy Regulations

Maintain Full Compliance with All Data Privacy Regulations

Unlike data masking and data anonymization, Synthesized has been designed from the outset to satisfy all legal and compliance constraints. With Synthesized, there are no data breaches, no reputational risks, nor the risk of fines for non-compliance with data regulations such as GDPR, GPRA, HIPAA, and CCPA.

The Synthesized platform allows user role-based access and enables you to identify data anomalies through audit logs. Security best practices and the latest data protection protocols are in place.

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