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Community Edition is the robust free version of our next-generation DataOps platform that delivers critical capabilities to fast-track test and development. Powered by cutting-edge machine learning, it enables organisations to rapidly seize opportunities — generate unlimited intelligent, bias-free synthesized data, in less than 10 minutes, all while maintaining zero compliance risk.
With the ability to self-service any and all data for training and testing purposes, Synthesized enables you to iterate and innovate at a much faster rate. Our sophisticated AI technology also quantifies the fairness of datasets, identifying and automatically mitigating any biases.
No coding or deep technical expertise is needed to get started. The combined intelligence and simplicity of the platform makes it the perfect solution for secure data access and collaboration in every industry with immediate results. With Synthesized, whether you’re already a data pro or just getting started, our platform will empower you to do more with your data.  

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Set up to 3 free data projects
Robust data augmentation features: Fairness Scoring and Data Bias Mitigation
Data rebalancing: Synthesize the data with support of rebalancing and imputation of missing values
Access to more than 100 public datasets
Public cloud hosting
Supported data sources: Uploading of flat files
Support via Gitter community
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