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Test Rigorously and Risk-Free with High-Quality Synthesized Data

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Demo topics include but are not limited to:

Intelligent Test Data

  • Optimal test coverage. Automated,  including all scenarios and edge cases
  • Shorter test cycles with more defects resolved before going into production

Complete and Scalable Test Coverage

  • Cover all functional and non-functional test cases
  • Database level generation with full referential integrity preserved

Secure and Fully Compliant with Privacy Regulations such as GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA 

  • Enterprise grade security with SSO and full audit trail capabilities
  • Separation between data users and owners (admin access and distinct roles)
Test Rigorously and Risk-Free with High-Quality Synthesized Data

A leading credit provider looking to build its proprietary credit scoring model saw the potential of Synthesized data in facilitating this powerful business transformation. Historically, such ambitions proved impossible due to the lack of a high volume of realistic profiles required and the poor performance when those tested for new segmentation models.

Using the Synthesized Intelligent Testing Suite, our customer was able to:

  • Automate testing coverage including outliers and edge cases- All without putting customer data at risk
  • 1000+ simulated data scenarios for both functional and non-functional testing 
  • Generate in real time high-quality test data for missing data versus ten hours with alternative solution
  • Data that remains up to date, and is fast and simple to provision on demand
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