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November 18, 2020

Slash Record Access Times from Months to Hours

Slash Record Access Times from Months to Hours
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A leading European retail bank was trying to determine the probability of certain customer behaviours and identify high propensity purchasers. Faced with millions of customer records, the team of digital data experts was on the search for a high-tech solution that would reduce record access time, facilitate collaboration on data projects, and generate safe, high-quality test data for external sharing.

Key Challenges:

Privacy protection for sensitive personal information

The original customer records contained significant Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Traditional masking and anonymisation techniques alone can t sufficiently protect PII.

The long, cumbersome compliance process

Preparing and obtaining clearance to use this data would have normally taken several months, even for an internal team of experienced data scientists. An automated solution for accessing records would be ideal in giving those talented team members their time back.

WIth Synthesized the major retail bank was able to:

  • Slash customer record access from months to hours
  • Speed up data model development
  • Provide wider access to data for seamless collaboration 
  • Share data externally and generate high quality test data
  • Develop a universal data project management dashboard
  • Produce high-quality models trained with Synthesized data, which performed as good as, if not better than models trained on the original datasets
  • Reduce compliance risk to zero, thanks to Synthesized privacy-by-design

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