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Reduce Your Data’s Time to Value from Months to Hours

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Demo topics include but are not limited to:

  • How you can automate generative models of your structured data for any task
  • Quickly perform manipulation and synthesize new data—whether generating millions of new data points or optimising a dataset for size and coverage
  • Comply with GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA. Zero risk of exposing any sensitive customer information
  • Bias mitigation of your data to ensure fairness and transparency
  • Data that remains up to date, and is fast and simple to provision on demand
Reduce Your Data’s Time to Value from Months to Hours

Faced with a long, cumbersome privacy compliance process and restricted data access, our customer, a leading European retail bank, successfully made use of the Synthesized DataOps platform to:

  • Reduce access time from months to hours for customer data  
  • Facilitate seamless collaboration on data projects
  • Generate safe, high-quality l data for external sharing
  • Reduce compliance risk to zero, thanks to in-built  privacy-by-design
  • Produce high-quality models trained with Synthesized data, performing at parity with, if not better than models trained on the original datasets
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