British multinational insurance company

The Challenges

• Preparing and sharing structured data with a partnering organisation;

• The company stores more than 3000 datasets and employs over 100 data scientists. Each data scientist works with 3-5 datasets per year. The company evaluates 50-100 different vendors during one year with which they need to share structured datasets;

• The specific business challenges that led this large insurer to evaluate and ultimately select Synthesized.

The Results

• The dataset with the records of 1,000,000 individuals in the UK was generated in 10 minutes;

• Dramatic reduction in team size and touchpoints. Only 1 person was involved in the process of data generation;

• Elimination of data storage access complexity. Isolated data storages involved in the process condensed into 1 platform to browse and store test data;

• Reduced legal and compliance risk. Legal and compliance constraints were satisfied by design of the system;

• The quality of data produced by the platform was higher than the quality of data provisioned using manual processes. This enabled comprehensive development and testing of the claim prediction system by a partnering organisation.

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