An Agile TDM Love Story in 2022

The agile transformation of Test Data Management is inevitable but difficult. We make it easy.

Synthesized enables you to bring Agile Transformation into QA and Testing operations. It offers an out-of-the-box data transformation engine that provides data for Dev & QA and moves QA operations to the cloud faster, while staying compliant with data governance and privacy. The API-driven engine uses simple YAML configurations and is easily integrated into your CI/CD processes.

With Synthesized your teams can:

Migrate apps to the multi-cloud 20%+ faster.
Deliver features and releases 50% faster while improving quality.
Get the right-sized test databases for QA & Dev in minutes. Full confidence in software releases.
Protect sensitive data in production databases.

Besides this, Synthesized ensures:

Robustness against complex attacks such as linkage attacks and attribute disclosure.
Scalability to TBs of data and complex microservice architectures.
Support of complex schemas and referential integrity (1500+ tables with complex dependencies).
Mind the Data Gap

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